Keep your guests warm during brisk evenings to keep the party going!

Extend your outdoor entertaining time on chilly evenings by adding some cozy heat.

Allgreen Outdoor Living partners with top-quality manufacturers, Bromic Heating and Infratech Comfort, to offer outdoor heaters to keep your friends and family warm during barbecues, neighborhood cookouts, or any outdoor celebration well into the cool evenings. You can literally add weeks to your outdoor season.

Available in gas and electric options – including new portable models – these outdoor heaters are the smart and stylish choice for any exterior space, from a backyard patio area to a commercial dining terrace. Choose from heaters that deliver maximum heat efficiency, usability, and aesthetic appearance. Wall and ceiling heaters that mount to almost all pillars, walls, and ceilings are also available options.


Our team of experts is available to help you determine which heater is just right for your space.

pergola ceiling heater over kitchen

Outdoor heaters are available for almost any space.

Allgreen offers only premium products that provide the perfect balance of performance, reliability, and style.

wall-mounted heaters in lakeside pavilion

Allgreen Outdoor Living proudly offers outdoor heaters from Bromic Heating and Infratech Comfort.

Click on the logos below to visit their websites and see their latest collections.

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We’ve put together this quick list of considerations to help you determine which direction to go when adding heaters to your outdoor space.

  • PORTABLE OR MOUNTED? Do you need as much floor space as possible? Keep in mind that some models of mounted heaters can be installed flush with the ceiling.
  • GAS OR ELECTRIC? Both can be extremely efficient. Do you have easy access to electricity or natural gas?
  • CONVENTIONAL OR INFRARED? Conventional heaters (often mushroom-shaped) heat the air around the heaters, while infrared heaters heat the objects. Infrared heat is a more innovative technology, and is more efficient for heating people in an outdoor setting.
  • DIRECT OR INDIRECT? Direct heat is a more targeted heat, while indirect heat can be lost when the heat goes in vertical directions. Mushroom heaters give off indirect heat, so, unless you are very close to them, you may not feel the heat.

Outdoor Heaters Showcase

Bring indoor comfort to your outdoor living.

Turn up the temperature with an outdoor heater from Allgreen Outdoor Living.

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